Nimble Poems

Charta Non Cacata

by JF Childs
Good Morrow, Iris

To the market of man went I today
But long there did not tarry;
All long-standing hatreds had spoilt on the shelves
Harsh words didn't look very fresh
And rude gestures they simply no longer carry;
Nor any matter prejudicial to religion, creed, color, gender, caste or race 
Whatever; nor jealousy, rage or any other deadly sin was left;
And although as yet nothing had taken its place
The stall of the Liar looked decrepit and daft;
Then, rather than starve,
Someone irrepressibly laughed....


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Love this poem! Your timing is impeccable. So glad you have begun this blog because I know the wonderful poems you have written over decades.


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